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Shred Me!

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Welcome to Fanfic_Bitch, the community that was created for the purpose of Story-Shredding.

We accept any fandom.

Here, before we begin, are the rules of the community. Please read these (it won't take you long) before going inside and taking a look.


A lot of writers aren't ready for their stories to be studied, they aren't ready to face the problems with their writing because they are only just starting out. It is imperative that you are completely comfortable with your writing, and the idea of it being shredded before you post.

You won't lose any respect by not putting your stories up for inspection; however you WILL lose respect by putting them up here and then reacting badly to what is said.

You CANNOT complain or flame somebody for what they say in regards to your posted fic. You brought your story here with the possibility that it could be literally torn apart, and therefore you take complete responsibility for that, and must be mature and acceptant of the replies you receive.

Please DON'T take any comments personally, they are made to help you with your writing, not to upset you in anyway.


You CANNOT bring someone's fiction here to shred without their permission. This community is where the authors come to test their ability, and gain pointers on how to improve their writing. Anybody who comments on a story that wasn't placed here by it's author will be deleted from Fanfic_Bitch.

You MUST be completely honest in your opinion. People who post here haven't come for niceties (although pointing out what you like is welcome also) they came here for the truth. If you have a comment that hasn't been picked-up on yet, then please comment on it.

You CAN comment on more than one problem in the fic, don't limit yourself to just one.

And lastly, please DON'T make any of this personal. Shredding a fic simply because you don't like it's author is unacceptable. Try to be helpful and not mean - that is, after all, what this whole community is about.

Now that the rules are done and dusted, whether you're a shredder or an author (we find that being BOTH normally helps) come and take a look inside.